Short film, length: 13:46, year: 2022
The surrealistic short dance film entitled Alma reflects on loss, sorrow and transition.
We encounter a man facing the end of his life. With the awareness that his days are numbered, he desperately tries to prevent his body and soul from separating. He discovers a human-like creature who experiences an opposite dynamic of existence. Her body appears inanimate at first sight, but slowly comes to life. He watches in awe. As she gains physical and mental power, she finally forces him to transfer his soul to her. At the moment he accepts his fate, his body dies and he merges with the mysterious creature.

The world premiere of the film took place in June 2022 in the framework of the festival Cinedans at EYE in Amsterdam.
The project is made possible by Cultuurfonds Stichtse Vecht, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Mr. August Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds, Stichting Carel Nengerman Fonds and Stimuleringsfonds Rouw
Production: Siba Sahabi Foundation
Story, direction, cinematography and edit: Marinus Groothof
Choreography and dance: Andrés Marín and Kalin Morrow
Design of mask and soul: Siba Sahabi
Score: Renger Koning
Costumes: Anne de Grijff
Make-up and hair: Blanche Claudette Voorn
Camera assistant: Harvey Hagouchi
Gaffer: Ralph Schoonenboom
Electrician: Charley Boersen
Production assistant: Rik Schippers
Location: Buitenplaats Doornburgh

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