Materials: Wood and paper, year: 2020
Siba Sahabi’s new work reflects on the question: What gives the city its face, its buildings or its inhabitants?
With her series of five architectural sculptures, the artist reflects on the term ‘home’.

Sahabi poses the questions: What is covered by the term ‘home’? Is it your house? Or is it also your neighbourhood, city or country? And what does ‘home’ mean if you cannot return to the place you came from?

The abstract sculptures were launched at the cultural center ‘New Metropolis’ in Amsterdam. Visitors were encouraged to express and share their definition of ‘home’ via handwritten notes that were displayed on the expo-panels.
The rectilinear grid of the sculptures is inspired by architectural drawings. The grid is combined with inclined panels to emphasise the three-dimensional shapes. The  sculptures measure up to 125 cm in height, are made out of wood and finished with a coating of paper.

photography: Henri Verhoef
dancers: Hiroki Nunogaki, Christian Guerematchi, Elisa Zuppini, Maria Ribas and Victor Callens
This project is supported by the Stichting Stokroos and ICK.

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