Materials: Metal and wood, year: 2022
The sculpture entitled Asclepius is custom designed for the health center Care XL in Rotterdam. 
The geometric shape is in line with the artistic tradition of Middle Eastern geometric patterns. That way the installation has a connecting effect for the multicultural patient population.
Asclepius measures 3 meters in height and is positioned in the middle of the entrance hall. The spirally shape consists of a square metal framework and triangular wooden elements. Asclepius is illuminated in the evening and so it becomes a part of the night time street-scape.

concept and design: Siba Sahabi
light design: Merijn Sabée
architecture: Serge Schoemaker Architects
production: Schaalwerk 
photography: MWA Hart Nibbrig
Client: CareXL
Asclepius is realized with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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