Materials: Wood and wool, year: 2020
Siba Sahabi’s series of abstract wings reflects on dreams and fear of failure.
Her eight wearable sculptures are inspired by the Greek mythology of father Daedalus and son Icarus. According to Greek legend, the duo attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that Daedalus constructed. He warns his son to fly neither too low nor too high, so the sea's dampness would not clog his wings nor the sun's heat melt them. But Icarus ignores his father's instructions and flies too close to the sun. When his wings get destroyed by the heat he tumbles into the sea, and drowns. Daedalus, keeping the cautious middle, survives the dangerous escape and reaches the safety of shore.

The myth retains its relevance in the 21st century, a metaphor of the journey that refugees take to cross the ocean in order to seek for a better life.  

Sahabi launched her abstract sculptures in an exhibition at ‘New Metropolis’ in September 2020 in Amsterdam. The visitors were encouraged to share their dreams and fear of failure, via handwritten notes that were displayed on the expo-panels.

The geometric structure of the wings consists of several interwoven triangles. The sculptures are made out of wood and finished with a bright blue woollen coating. The biggest sculpture measures 165 cm in width.

Limited edition of 8
photography by Henri Verhoef
This project is supported by the Iona Stichting

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