Imaginem Sui

Materials: Brass, year: 2021

With her new work Sahabi combines the 'European' linear perspective with Middle Eastern arabesque patterns
Intrigued by the mutual influence of European and Middle Eastern art, she reflects on the cultural constellations of these vast regions through geometric mirror objects. 'The art history of Europe and the Middle East often are taken to have developed separately, based on different beliefs and artistic expressions. We tend to forget the strong mutual influences and shared history of these two regions,’ Sahabi explains. ‘Italian painters, for example, developed the revolutionary linear perspective during the Renaissance based on knowledge of Middle Eastern scientists. On the other hand, iconic Arabic patterns descended from simpler designs used in earlier cultures such as the Greek, Roman and Sassanian societies. With this work I want to show that these two approaches are still strongly linked.’

Repeating patterns
Sahabi expresses the concept of linear perspective by giving the objects a three-dimensional shape.

Behind the black top layers with diamond-shaped openings, she created architectural spaces to evoke the illusion of the central perspective.
The mirror surfaces placed behind the top layer reflect the black surface several times, similar to the effect of a kaleidoscope. In this way, they mimic a characteristic of Middle Eastern arabesque: the repetition of patterns. Sahabi's collection entitled 'Imaginem Sui' consists of five wall objects made entirely of brass, including reflective and blackened surfaces. The objects are 31.5 cm high and long and 6 cm deep.

photography of art work by Studio Zelden
photography with models by Henri Verhoef
This project was made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Imaginem Sui is part of the museum collection of the GRASSI Museum in Leipzig.

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