Material of set: wood and textile, year: 2023

Through it’s seamless integration of dance, visuals, and music, Sahabi’s short film creates a mesmerizing experience that transcends conventional notions of time.

Inei, meaning darkness in Japanese, is a poetic exploration of the unfixed time system known as futeijihō. The dance film unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Yufu and is a visual and emotional feast for the senses. From the blue hues of sunrise to the dusky shadows of sunset, the film captures the shifting atmospheres and moods that accompany the passing of time.
direction, set design and production: Siba Sahabi
choreography and dance: Wataru Murakami
cinematography: Yulia Skogoreva
costume: Anne de Grijff
editing: Paul de Heer NCE
colour grading: Ramon de Jong
music: Scanner
special thanks to: Studio Kura, Marcelino Lopez, Mercedes Ng, Elisa Michelet, Teru Iwai
This project is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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