Material: Paper, year: 2011
Kerameikos is an area of Athens which, for centuries, used to be the potters' quarter of the city. The word ceramic derived from this district.
The ancient Greek ceramicists developed an aesthetic style that was characteristic of their sophisticated culture. Nonetheless, the Athens’ craftsmen got their inspiration from foreign objects—items of daily and ritual use that were discovered via trade. These objects were made of more valuable materials, such as the Egyptian alabastron (perfume bottle made of alabaster), the Persian rhyton (drinking vessel made of horn), the Lydian lydion (metal jar for anointing oil) and the Etruscan kyathos (metal cup).

The series references the present day value placed on antique Greek ceramics, where artistic skills and characteristics determine the price of an object rather than the material.
Siba Sahabi sees paper as a valuable material to revive European and Middle Eastern cultural inheritance. Her objects are crafted by intricately cutting, folding, rolling and gluing strips of paper, transforming the once flat material into three-dimensional sculptures.

Limited edition of: 12 of each design + 1 P
photography by Arjan Benning 

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