Research on the waiting experience in hospitals, year: 2019
The three Greek goddesses of destiny entitled Moirai symbolize time through the 'thread of life'. Clotho spins it, Lachesis measures it and Atropos cuts the thread.
Moirai is an interdisciplinary research project about how patients experience waiting at the hospital.
You can find more information about the research via this link.

photography by Arjan Benning
This project is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Graphic designer Thijs Verbeek has produced a printed publication of the project Moirai. The 64-page magazine titled Tijdschrift (Timewriting, 'كتابات عن الوقت') is trilingual (Dutch, English, and Arabic) and has been printed in a run of 500 copies. It includes various articles written by psychologist Marcelino Lopez, philosopher Laurens Landeweerd, journalist Anita Twaalfhoven, and Siba Sahabi.

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