Materials: Wood, dibond and electronics, year: 2020

The three sculptures comprise an audiovisual installation. The physical part consists of three geometric elements in the form of large windows.
The triangle sculptures are finished on the outside with mirror plates and on the inside with wood. They measure 2,5 m in height. The windows symbolise the longing for contact. You look out a window if you are curious about what is going on outside your own four walls. The windows also function as benches. When you take a seat there, you hear voices telling personal stories about loneliness. This is done by means of built-in speakers on the inside of the sculptures that play the podcast series Monáx by Chris Rijksen.
The installation is part of an interdisciplinary research project about loneliness. You can find more information about the research via this link.

photography by MWA Hart Nibbrig
production of installation by Schaalwerk.
This project was made possible by RAUM.

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