Materials: Wood, dibond, and electronics, year: 2024

Golden Pavilion Pavlopetri Explores the Relationship Between Amsterdam and Rising Sea Levels
How does a future dominated by rising water feel and sound? The  installation Pavlopetri, by Siba Sahabi and composer and sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt, delves into the relationship between the Netherlands and rising sea levels. This thought-provoking artwork is on display until the end of August 2024 at the former NDSM shipyard.

Projections indicate a significant rise in sea levels over the coming centuries. The title Pavlopetri references the ancient Greek underwater city that rests at a depth of four meters on the seabed. Sahabi and Zuydervelt pose a poignant question: what must we do to prevent Amsterdam – which currently lies two meters below sea level – from becoming the next Pavlopetri?

This pressing question is embodied in an installation standing four meters tall with a ceiling at two meters, integrating various visual and acoustic properties of water. The golden, reflective exterior and open design of the installation engage in a dialogue with the surroundings.
Inside the pavilion, Zuydervelt’s soundscape evokes an underwater world. A light animation, visible after sunset on the ceiling, captures the reflections from undulating water surfaces.

Through this work, the creators aim to make the (future) consequences of the climate crisis tangible for the public.

concept and design: Siba Sahabi
Rutger Zuydervelt
Production of pavilion:
Light and sound technique:
Aukes Theatertechniek
Presentation partner:
Stichting NDSM-werf Support: Creative Industries Fund NL and Cultuurfonds

photography: Gert Jan van Rooij (above) and MWA Hart Nibbrig (below) 
Pavlopetri is presented at NDSM in Amsterdam 
26 May – 31 August 2024
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