Material: wood, year: 2021

With this series of layered sculptures, Siba Sahabi investigates the relationship between architecture and the human body.

‘My work takes inspiration from the architect Carlo Scarpa, who is famous for his step-like compositions,’ the artist explains. ‘I wanted to combine his geometric design vocabulary with the organic forms of the human anatomy.’

The seven sculptures are made out of 15 mm thick balsa wood and consist of up to 23 CNC-milled elements that are arranged in a layered composition. The objects are finished with an anthracite coloured coating and measure up to 145 cm in height. The wooden sculptures beautifully translate Scarpa’s recognisable form language into autonomous art pieces.
photographer: Henri Verhoef
dancer: Ahmad Joudeh
MUAH: Anastasia Andreeva

This project is supported by the Tijl Fonds.

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