Material: Cotton, year: 2023
Seda is a Tribute to the Persian Art of 'Pattern Singing’
The series of six blankets pays homage to the esteemed tradition of 'sung patterns' ('naqshe khani' in Farsi).

Explaining the inspiration behind Seda, Sahabi elaborates, "This series refers to the tradition of expressing visual patterns through chants. It involves weavers guiding their co-weavers through intricate designs using melodic recitations.”

Inspired by the harmonious interaction among two weavers who echo and reflect each other's artistry, Seda comprises six cotton jacquard blankets adorned with vibrant, geometric compositions.

"Design, for me, is a conduit for social impact and human connection," Sahabi says. "Through 'Seda,' I seek to ignite curiosity and appreciation for the resplendent traditions and narratives of the Middle East.”

Sahabi's Seda stands as a testament to her creative ingenuity, breathing new life into an ancient tradition while fostering cross-cultural understanding through contemporary design.

Limited edition of 6  
photography by Pim Top
This project is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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