Materials: Wood and wool, year: 2019
Through her wearable sculpture, Siba Sahabi explores the relationship between the human anatomy and geometry.
In the first century B.C., Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio studied the proportions of the human body in an attempt to define universal beauty. Many artists followed his path, including Leonardo da Vinci who, in 1490, sketched the famous work The Vitruvian Man—a drawing of a man in two superimposed positions, inscribed within a circle and square.

Inspired by the contrast between human anatomy and geometric aesthetics, Siba created this abstract wearable sculpture. The architectural structure is composed of ten interwoven triangles, finished with a woollen coating, and measures 100cm in height. The sculptural form expresses the impossible task of measuring the human beauty by means of geometric laws.
The sculpture was commissioned by the festival FashionClash.

photography: Laura Knipsael, Model: Rosanne Hustinx (Models Rock Agency), Make-up: Dayanara Janga + Diane Albertus, Make-up Products: Ellis Faas Cosmetics, Hair: Kevin Murphy

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